Dual Cylinder Press Brakes

American-Made Dual Cylinder Press Brakes from Standard Industrial

We understand that each fabricator’s need may vary as a result of the nature of processes they carry out. For this, we have collected some of the best Press Brakes in the industry to enhance outputs and of course increase the quality of outputs for every fabricator.

The Dual Cylinder Press Brake is a unique model of Press Brakes which uses two hydraulic cylinders in a synchronized manner. This mode of operation resulting in quicker speeds for bending processes.

Over time at Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., has have built a robust collection of the best fabrication tools and machinery in the industry, ensuring our customers of a continuous quest to give only the best when it comes to fabrication tool and machine stocking. Simply put, we believe that only the best is good enough for you – our customers.

For instance, we have the Standard Industrial Dual Cylinder CNC Press Brake which is built on the Y1/Y2 synchronous design.

This Dual Cylinder Press Brake is designed with ram cylinders which can be programmed on either ends of the machine and allows easy tilts thus making up for deteriorating tools over a period of usage alongside it’s standard upward and downward movement.



  • Hydraulic proportion system
  • Adjustable speed precision cranks
  • Y1+Y2 synchronous design
  • Computerized control
  • Oil cylinder
  • Machine frame
  • Ram
  • Inbuilt automated clamp bars
  • Manual hand cranks with readers
  • Adjustable CNC crowning units
  • Four way die clamp option
  • Full tonnage capacity bed
  • Position detection system
  • Capable of taking 90 ton/6ft to 1000 ton/20ft.



  • Full length bends.
  • Punching application.
  • Easy and precise bending.


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