Laser Projection Beam Marking
Robotic Beam Welding

Beam Layout and Robotic Welding Systems

Full-color Beam Layout Laser Projection System

As effective as up to 5 fitters.

Laser Projection System

Full-color laser projection systems will project all the information that an operator needs to precisely tack-weld connections on the beam or on other connections.


Traditional fitting requires a qualified fitter to read and understand the assembly drawing, pull-out the measuring tape and mark the beam. A laser projection system will project complete and comprehensive information directly on the beam so that an operator, with limited training, can align the connection with the projected line and tack-weld where needed.


  • Using high-quality optical components.
  • Projects on H-Beams, HSS, Channels, Angles, Plates.
  • Full color operation.
  • All the 3D information is projected, without delays directly on the beam.
  • Projects holes, 3D contours, welding information, part numbers and more.


  • Doesn’t take up any floor space. It is designed for rail mounting on top of your fitting and welding bays.
  • Can also be installed alongside a beam welding system to maximize productivity and minimize part handling.

Robotic Structural Steel Beam Welding System

Robotic welding for structural steel fabricators.

Robotic Beam Welding System

An Automated Structural Steel Beam Welding System is a robotic welding system dedicated to structural steel fabricators – from small to large shops and/or capacity. It features a small footprint, complete robotic automation and integration with dedicated software. All sizes of fabrication shops can now consider solving their welding production issues with robotic welding.


  • Increased Production.
  • Automated production flow from CAD to production.
  • Consistent Quality with high-quality and repetitive results.
  • No Welders – CompletelyAutomatic Operations.
  • Small Footprint.
  • Works with non-perfect parts.

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