HK PS Series PS3015 Fiber Laser Cutting System
HK Smart Cell automatic loading system.

HK PS Series Fiber Laser Cutting System

HK PS Series Fiber Laser Cutting System

Compact and configurable sheet metal laser cutting system

The PS Series feature an all-new compact design that comes with a high stiffness main frame and a steel cutting bridge that supports a lightweight cutting carriage with a weight reduction of 50% compared to other machine types in the industry.

GSS Machinery offers HK PS3015 Fiber Laser cutting systems.


  • High-stiff main frame that minimizes vibration.
  • Ultralight and high-stiff cutting bridge.
  • Dynamic motion control.
  • Quick piercing that shortens piercing time and improves quality.
  • Optimal thick plate cutting by smart cut.
  • MAX. CUTTING SIZE: Width: 26.25′ | Length: 8.2′

Optional Smart Cell Auto Loading & Unloading

Combine with fiber laser for optimal automation

The Smart Cell Automatic Loading/Unloading System utilizes a high precision rack & pinion fork lifting transfer; material separation through magnetic air shooting up/down cylinder; optimized transferring mechanism by semi-permanent chain drive system; automatic thickness measurement to prevent material loading error; reduction of cycling time by simultaneous loading & unloading (60 sec./cycle).

GSS Machinery offers the HK Smart Cell.


  • Maximum loading height: 4.75″ (not including the pallet height)
  • Material separation: Steel plate separation unit (Air Shooting)
  • Maximum material size: 60″ x 120″
  • Maximum material thickness: .75″
  • LOAD/UNLOAD CYCLE TIME: 60-80 Sec./pallet

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