Manual Loading Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting Machines

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. is the optimal solution for your Manual Loading Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting machines commonly used in cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other conductive metals. We are the largest suppliers of plasma cutters, and we have built our reputation on quality, innovation, and value.

Our manual plasma tube cutting machine is designed with an accelerated jet of hot plasma to easily cut through electrically conductive materials and operated with a conductive gas of about 30,000 degrees Celsius temperature to make plasma cutting more simplified.

Additionally, it is made available with plasma, oxygen-fuel, laser cutting torches and can cut and wield sheets in either curved or angled shape. It is fabricated to ensure long-term dependable operation employing a simple, sturdy mechanical design heavily guarded against the harsh thermal cutting environment.



  • Optimized motion system, which allows an extensive range of angles with minimum chance of collision with domes.
  • Conductive gas with a temperature of up to 30,000 degrees Celsius is one of its unique features.
  • Hand torches- that can cut up to 38 mm thick steel sheets.
  • Available for plasma, oxyfuel, and laser to handle any wall thickness.
  • Modeled with high velocity and precision on the cuts alongside it being inexpensive.
  • It creates an electrical channel of superheated electronically ionized gas through the workpiece to be cut and forms a finished circuit back to the plasma cutter through an earth terminal.
  • It can cut through high-alloy steel and aluminum materials in medium and large thicknesses.
  • It perceives excellently when cutting all electrically conductive materials.
  • It can be used underwater to ensure very low heat exposure and low noise at the workplace.



  • Thin Metal processing workshop
  • Factory and Agricultural Maintenance
  • Welding repair centers
  • Metal Service centers (scrap, welding, and dismantling)
  • Industrial Construction (buildings and bridges)
  • Commercial shipbuilding
  • Trailer production
  • Car Repair Workshop
  • Art galleries ( to create metal work of art)




  • Plasma tube cutting machine



  • Pipe and tube



  • Steel and conductive metals



  • Chamfering


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