GSS Machinery offers the EMI AC-PC - Angle, Channel, Processing Center
GSS Machinery offers the EMI TPC2400HD

EMI CNC Plasma Tube Processor


Heavy Duty Plasma Cutting – Auto or Manual Load

EMI CNC Plasma Tube Processor machines work any combination of diameters and angles from stock lengths eliminating manual measuring, sawing, and notching, deburring, drilling, and repetitive material handling.

EMI TPC 2400HD Auto Load CNC Tube Processor
EMI TPC 2100 Manual Load CNC Tube Processor


  • Programming software included.
  • Weep & Picket Hole feature.
  • Process up to 24’ material.
  • 3 to 5 Axis Machines available.
  • Automated handrail production that works!
  • Process Square, Angle and Channel with optional tooling and software.


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Angle, Channel Processing Center

The EMI AC-PC (Angle, Channel Processing Center) can efficiently process Angle Iron, C-Channel, and Flat-Bar and can also process Square and Rectangular material on 3-sides (180° at a time). The grip-stroke is 20 feet and the stock length can be over 40 feet.

GSS Machinery offer the EMI ACPC Angle Channel Processing Center to the southeast region


  • Process channel, angle, flat stock, square and rectangular tubing.
  • Material lengths up to 40′.
  • OPtimal plasma scribe for layout marking.
  • 180º of plasma torch processing capability.
  • Import DSTV files from 3rd party detailing software packages.
  • On-site training.




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Product Videos

  • EMI AC-PC - Angle, Channel Processing Center
    • EMI AC-PC - Angle, Channel Processing Center

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  • EMI 2400 Plasma Tube Cutting
    • EMI 2400 Plasma Tube Cutting

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