Salvagnini S4Xe Shearing and Punching Center

Salvagnini Shearing and Punching Systems

Integrated Shearing & Punching and Punching & Fiber Laser Cutting Systems


  • 5 different multi-press head configurations to choose from. Patented by Salvagnini, all tools in the multi-press head are always live and require no stopping for tool changes.
  • Shear consists of two 500 mm independent blades, adjacent to and integrated with the multi-press head, permit cuts of any length along both the X and Y axes.
  • Universal bending tools with automatic tool change requires ZERO set-up times.
  • The manipulator, patented by Salvagnini, slides on guides integral with the lower part of the “C” structure, for high positioning precision; it has a lightweight movable symmetrical device, with 9 pincers and 9 mechanical references, for perfect centering and outstanding process reliability.

Fiber Laser Cutting

  • SL4 uses a fiber laser with 2000 watt source to achieve high linear cutting speeds as well as absolute precision when making irregular corners.


  • The software suite integrated into the SiX controller to graphically manage and supervise the system. This suite of software provides the operator with all the information needed to run production and is comprised of the following modules.
  • Maintenance Manager | SDEX | JOBS4Xe | DBHT | EasyData


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S4Xe Punching-Shearing | SL4 Punching & Fiber Laser Cutting

Highly flexible, integrated, automatic systems that ensure the most efficient material management, while reducing waste to a minimum.

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